Watertown Police Department Citizen Survey Results


     On April 1st, 2022 the Watertown Police Department published a survey which was designed to (anonymously) gather citizens attitudes and opinions on topics that relate to the public’s trust in the Department.  Topics included overall agency performance, overall competency of agency employees, Officers attitudes and behaviors towards citizens, the communities concern over safety and security in town, and any recommendations and suggestions for improvements that the community may have to better serve our town.  

     The survey was created using Surveymonkey.com and could be accessed both online and by requesting a paper copy.  Links to access the survey were placed on the department’s website and social media pages. Flyers advising the public of the survey were placed in several town buildings, and in other public places/establishments throughout Watertown and Oakville.  The survey was closed on May 1st 2022.  It garnered 289 responses. The Watertown Police Department would like to share the results of the survey which have been complied into a PDF document for you to view.  The results can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

     The Watertown Police Department is pleased to report and as you will see that most of the responses to the survey, especially those about our agency’s employees were positive. For those response that were either negative or expressed concern about department activities, please know that the department’s administrative staff will be evaluating these responses and will use them along with the positive responses to help develop both long and short-term goals.  We at the Watertown Police Department wish to thank those of you who took the time to take part in the survey.  The Watertown Police Department works hard every day to address the concerns of its citizens in an effort to protect the community we proudly serve.

Watertown Police Department Survey Results