Police Department

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195 French Street
Watertown, CT 06795
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Ph: 860.945.5200 (routine line) or 911 (for emergencies only)

Office of Professional Standards

Contact Information

Lieutenant: John Carroll:

General Information

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for :

1. Internal Affairs Investigations

Investigates allegations of police misconduct from the public and within the department. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for any investigations that are assigned by the Chief of Police to maintain the integrity of the department. 

2. Public Affairs

Promotes community policing philosophy by building partnerships with residents, businesses, and service providers for the purpose of establishing a safe community and promoting effective crime prevention education.   Programs include the Citizen Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch, and Internship Program.

3. Training

Ensures that all officers receive mandatory certification and recertification training.  Manages departmental training and the Field Training Program.

4. Recruitment and Hiring

Facilitates and manages the hiring, testing, and selection process. 

5. Accreditation Management

Develops policies and procedures to meet accreditation standards.  Conducts ongoing inspections to maintain accreditation standards.