Guernseytown Road Reconstruction 


Safety Improvements 
Guernseytown Road Reconstruction 
State Project L153-003 
Local Transportation Capital Improvements Program (LOTCIP)
Construction to Begin

The Town of Watertown is pleased to announce that the Town has signed a $3.6 million construction contract with Guerrera Construction Company, Inc. of Oxford, CT.  For the Safety Improvements of Guernseytown Road Project between Eastwood Hall Road and Crestview Drive.  The project is 100% funded by the State of Connecticut.
The project consists of the realignment of Guernseytown Road and West Street with an improvement for the sightline by constructing a 90-degree realignment of West Street to Guernseytown Road.  Initially the public will see the following:  Survey Mark Out, Construction Signs, Relocation of Overhead Utilities and Tree Removal.
Construction will begin in late August with project completion within 12-15 months. There will be a winter shut down based on the severity of the winter.  Residents and the traveling public are urged to use additional caution during this construction period and seek alternate routes if possible. Guernseytown Road will be reduced to one lane traffic flow during a later phase of the project for residential local access.