Chip Sealing

chip sealing
Chip Seal is the application of a special protective wearing surface to an existing pavement. It is a cost-effective method to extend the pavement life of a roadway.


What is chip sealing?
Chip sealing (also known as seal coating or Chip Stone) is a form of road preservation. The application of a polymer modified asphalt emulsion, followed by a layer of cover aggregate are applied and a final coating of Asphalt Seal to lock everything in place. The treatment protects the existing surface from wear and water intrusion.
Why are we performing this treatment?

Chip sealing roads that are beginning to age and crack, is a cost-effective treatment that preserves the lifespan of pavement. It prevents additional excessive wear between full depth reclamation, or mill and overlay. Chip seal also prevents water from penetrating the road surface, which can deteriorate the integrity of the asphalt over periods of freeze and thaw cycles.

Can I drive on a road that was recently chip sealed?

Although chip sealed roads can be driven on, the newly chip sealed roadways will require up to a few days to a week to cure properly. Hotter days lead to faster curing times due to the increased ability for the water in the emulsion to evaporate.

During the curing process, it is imperative that drivers use a decreased speed of no more than15mph on all treated roads. Reduced speeds ensure your safety and minimize the chance that loose stones from the chip sealing treatment will damage your vehicle.