Crack Sealing

crack sealing


What is crack sealing?

Crack sealing is just that, sealing cracks in the asphalt. An adhesive sealant is placed in the cracks of asphalt using specialized equipment.

Why are we performing this treatment?

Crack sealing roads that are beginning to age and crack, is a cost-effective treatment that preserves the lifespan of pavement. By eliminating the cracks in the asphalt, the chances of them becoming larger and creating more costly issues, is diminished. Preserving roads that are not due for complete repaving allows us to focus funding on older, more damaged roads, while also not allowing the better roads to deteriorate. It is in a sense, preventative maintenance.

How long does it last?

The average life extension of crack sealing is 3 years.

Can I drive on a road that was recently crack sealed?

Yes, crack sealing is quick-drying and treated so that it does not stay tacky.