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Motor Vehicle

                                                                                  Pandemic Sticker Shock

Across the Nation, the prices of used cars have skyrocketed. This has also affected the assessment value of your used cars.  These prices come directly from the NADA price books and the DMV forwards the prices to us. 

If you did utilize the deadline extension per Governor Ned Lamont and have not gotten your motor vehicle bill yet, you will receive a full year's tax bill in January 2022.

Motor vehicle tax is calculated 10 months in arrears, 2 months ahead. The most current bill you receive is for the year prior.

If you have received a supplemental bill, this is because you registered a vehicle after October 1st. 

Motor Vehicle Tax Bill Information and Instructions

If a vehicle was REPLACED AFTER 10/01/2021 and the REGISTRATION TRANSFERRED to another vehicle, you don't need to do anything. You will receive an automatic credit for this vehicle on a supplemental bill in January 2023.

You are not eligible for a tax credit if you transfer your registration to an immediate family member (mother, father, wife, husband, civil union partner, daughter, son, sister, or brother).  You will be responsible to pay the tax year in full and the family member will begin paying the following year.

You may be eligible for a tax credit if your vehicle:

  • Was SOLD and the REGISTRATION WAS NOT TRANSFERRED to another vehicle.
  • You moved OUT OF STATE and registered your vehicle there.

To obtain a credit you must FURNISH THE CANCELLED PLATE DISPOSITION FROM THE DMV as required by the Assessor. ALL forms of proof must IDENTIFY THE VEHICLE (year, make, model & VIN) specifically.  If the cancellation of the registration is not in the same month of sale, another form of proof must be submitted to get the credit for the sale month.

The following are some acceptable forms of proof:

  • MANDATORY: plate receipt from the DMV along with any of the following:
  • Copy of the vehicle title (front & back) showing the transfer to the new owner
  • Copy of the new owner’s registration
  • Copy of the new owner’s title
  • A DMV title search (contact DMV for more information)
  • Insurance cancellation showing year, make, model, VIN, and date of cancellation
  • Receipt from a charitable organization
  • Dated receipt from scrap or junk dealer
  • Statement from the repossession company
  • Insurance company settlement statement
  • Copy of accident or police report
  • Copy of registration in another state
  • Bill of sale from dealer or odometer disclosure statement
  • Letter of lease buyout or return

All our tax information is received from DMV. Please make sure you notify them of any changes to your registration including address changes.

To cancel your current registration online: CT DMV

If you are being billed in another town, please see your registration tax town. If you need to change it please follow this link to the DMV online address change, or you can print this form and send it to the DMV directly. Change of address form