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Absentee Ballots

An absentee ballot may be applied for by any qualified registered voter unable to vote in person on the voting day due to any of the following reasons:

  • Active service in the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Absence from town in which one is eligible to vote
  • Sickness
  • Physical disability
  • Tenets of religion which forbid secular activity on the day of the election, primary, or referendum
  • Serving as an election official at a polling place other than their own
The application of an absentee ballot may be downloaded by an individual for:

  • The individual’s own use
  • The use of a member of an individual’s family; or
  • The use of a designee of the applicant

Absentee Application and Informational links:
Absentee Voting (

Permanent Absentee Ballot Status Information

Check to see if your absentee ballot has been received by clicking here.

The application may be faxed to the Town Clerk’s office, but note that the original signed application must be returned to the Town Clerk either by mail or brought in person in order for the ballot to be counted.

Ballots will be issued when the faxed application is received and when the legal calendar time has been met. Completed ballots must be returned and received in to the office of the Watertown Town Clerk before the close of polls on the day of election, primary, or referendum.

Please mail completed Absentee Ballot Application to:
Town Clerk, Town of Watertown
61 Echo Lake Road
Watertown, CT 06795

*Note: Any person who will distribute five (5) or more absentee ballot applications to persons other than the individual’s immediate family must register and obtain forms from the Town Clerk of the municipality where such forms will be distributed before distributing such forms.

Any unused ballot applications must be returned to the Town Clerk.