Town Clerk

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61 Echo Lake Road
Watertown, CT 06795
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Ph: 860.945.5230
Fax: 860.945.2706
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Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Contact Information

Town Clerk: Lisa Dalton                     

Assistant Town Clerk: Sherry Cosmos

Administrative Assistant:  Catherine Mullen                       

General Information

The office of the Town Clerk is the oldest office in American History. It was created with the landing of the early settlers in America and serves as a direct link between the citizens of the community and their government. The Connecticut General Statutes charge the Town Clerk with hundreds of functions.  Every town and city in Connecticut has a Town Clerk who serves in the role as custodian of official public records (land records, vital statistics, Board & Commission agendas and minutes, election results); communicator of public policy; organizer of public business; recorder of the community’s history, performer of many varied tasks that assist in the smooth operation of local governance. The office is the central hub of local government, linking citizens with the documentation of their town’s business and events.

The Town Clerk’s office provides information on all property sales and transfers to the Assessor and Tax Collector.   Absentee ballots, marriage, hunting, fishing, and dog licenses are issued by the Town Clerk’s office.  Photocopies of agendas, minutes, land records, and maps are available for a fee as are certified copies of birth, death, marriage, and veteran discharge records.  Duties also include processing all town notary appointments, appointment of Justices of the Peace, and acceptance for filing lawsuits and claims.  As election officials, the Town Clerk and staff may accept voter registrations in the absence of the Registrars of Voters.

The office and land records vault are used daily by title searchers, attorneys, bankers, appraisers, civil engineers, surveyors, real estate agents, and the general public.

Public Act 23-5, as amended by PA 23-204, (hereafter the "Early Voting Act") established early voting for state and municipal regular general elections, special elections, and most primaries, including a Presidential Preference Primary, held on or after April 1, 2024. The requirement does not apply to town committee primaries or referenda.

The Early Voting Act created an early voting process that allows eligible people to cast a ballot before the day of an election or primary.  The number of days and period of time that a voter can cast an early ballot varies depending on the voting type.  

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